It seems that I have learned A LOT in recent months concerning Python. Again huge shout out to Nick McSpadden and froger for helping me get to where I am knowledge wise today. In between now and my last post, Nick helped me understand the dict datatype. Turns out python can use translate dict into the plist equivalents! The more you know eh?

The reason he was helping me on this was because I had an idea to take his PrinterGenerator tool and make it work in a different way. The input was roughly the same but the output was instead a printer profile that could be used outside of Munki or with Munki (v2.2 added the ability to install profiles). I had just taken some of the code and translated it to work with a template plist. Instead with his help, I was able to replace a lot of the code and change it into a more efficient tool for plists aka profiles.

I have since added the ability to open the ppd’s (which most are just gzip-ed ppd text files) and extract the model “NickName”, which Apple uses to determine the exact type of the machine. The code is on GitHub of course. I encourage you to look at it and suggest any fixes and features. Link: PrinterProfileGenerator