Google Packages and Munki

On a few machines, I’ve been getting Munki errors related to the Chrome Remote Desktop Host update packages, and the Google Drive FileStream packages. The packages fail when you disable the Keystone Agent via Profile or via the MasterDisable key in /Library/Preferences/ As we deploy these updates through Munki via AutoPkg, I found that I needed to disable the GoogleSoftwareUpdate package bundled with both of these.

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Force a DEP sync..from your phone!

I’ve used Workflow in the past, but I hadn’t really fully explored it as “click this” instead of “launch this app and run this real quick” never bothered me. Things have changed since then. Hello to Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12! I can now run things by voice.

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Faster Munki Downloads from Nginx

Through multiple issues over the last month or so, I decided to completely rebuild my Munki server. This server is semi-critical in our district as all configurations are now sent out via Munki. As I was waiting for Ubuntu 16 to install and do some base configurations, I started looking for some guides on how to increase performance. I stumbled across worker_cpu_affinity.

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