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Hi, I’m a macadmin for a school district in Montana. Never stop learning.

uBlock Origin Admin Settings Deployment


As our district has made the decision to push out uBlock, we had to include a whitelist. The documentation on uBlock's github wiki was not clear enough for me on how to deploy settings. On the macOS side of things, pushing out the configuration profile was easy enough, but the ChromeOS configuration was a bit trickier.

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Google Packages and Munki


On a few machines, I've been getting Munki errors related to the Chrome Remote Desktop Host update packages, and the Google Drive FileStream packages. The packages fail when you disable the Keystone Agent via Profile or via the MasterDisable key in /Library/Preferences/ As we deploy these updates through Munki via AutoPkg, I found that I needed to disable the GoogleSoftwareUpdate package bundled with both of these.

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