Faster Munki Downloads from Nginx

Through multiple issues over the last month or so, I decided to completely rebuild my Munki server. This server is semi-critical in our district as all configurations are now sent out via Munki. As I was waiting for Ubuntu 16 to install and do some base configurations, I started looking for some guides on how to increase performance. I stumbled across worker_cpu_affinity.

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Deploying DetectX Swift with Munki

DetectX Swift is an alternative to MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and was more economical for our district to use. It also is faster and more what we were looking for. I highly recommend it! This is a write up based on how we are deploying it here.

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Dock-maintainer: Defined

Recently I created a tool called dock-maintainer. This post goes over a couple things but mainly serves to explain why I created it and why I needed it instead of using other solutions. Traditionally this job (maintaining Dock configurations) has been handled in a multitude of ways. There have been many ways to do this. One can use configuration profiles, puppet/salt/chef/etc, outset with a script (a method I used until recently).

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